Webinar on Introduction to Internet of Things and Connected Cars

Webinar Date: 27/07/2016 Duration: 1:00hr

We are pleased to announce the Hackerearth Webinar series, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.

We are starting this series with a webinar on IoT. This webinar would cover a short introduction about IoT and actualizing it. There would be a live session of connecting a simulated device to the internet and an explanation of real life scenario - connected car.
The Speaker is Aravindhan GK. He has been a subject matter expert for Internet of Things, involved in actualizing Internet of things solutions for a multitude of industries with the IBM internet of things platform. He also brings prior experience in industrial automation, networked control systems, and data based failure prognostics.

The Webinar was scheduled for 27th of July at 8PM IST.

In case you missed the webinar for some reason, here is a recording of it:


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