Webinar on Implementing Artificial Intelligence Applications using TensorFlow

Webinar Date: 22/07/2017 Duration: 1:00hr

HackerEarth is pleased to announce its next webinar on Tensorflow, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.


There are many large matrix operations involved in building the deep learning algorithms for an AI application. TensorFlow is an open source machine learning API that comes with built-in support for short-term long term memory access with an advanced support for time series data and generative networks. It allows algorithms to be highly parallelized across multiple processors thus making it ideal to support implementing neural networks and related algorithms.

Sunila Gollapudi demonstrates TensorFlow’s learning capabilities through its Python interface step-by-step and implementing neural networks using TFLearn. In parallel, exposes a galore of real world use cases, including machine vision, text processing, and generative networks.

Webinar Objectives:
- A quick recap of Artificial Intelligence applications and Deep Learning
- Introduction to TensorFlow and understand its strengths for machine learning
- Build basic computation with TensorFlow with TFLeran’s ML algorithms and Python.
- Explore how TensorFlow can be used with object recognition and text processing.

The Speaker is Sunila Gollapudi. She is the Executive Vice President, Architecture COE, Broadridge, Author Big Data and Machine Learning, Enterprise Architecture Evangelist

Sunila Gollapudi has over 15 years of experience in Developing, Designing and Architecting Data-driven Solutions with focus on Banking and Financial Services domain for around 8 years. She works as Vice President, Technology and drives Architecture CoE for Broadridge India with a primary focus on Big Data & Analytics. Her key roles have been Solutions Architect, Technical Leader, Big Data Evangelist, and Mentor.

The Webinar is scheduled for July 22th at 8.00 PM IST.


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