Webinar on High Performance Computing with GPUs

Webinar Date: 20/12/2016 Duration: 1:00hr

HackerEarth is pleased to announce its next webinar on high performance computing, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world.

The webinar aims to give an overview of an important trend in High-Performance Computing – GPU programming evolving as a very attractive new alternative for solving compute-intensive scientific, engineering and technological problems.

This webinar would specifically help to understand the following:
-The most important parallel programming concepts.
- GPU Nvidia hardware/architecture.
- GPU/CUDA programming model using example CUDA codes.
- GPU computing techniques, optimizing GPU programs and performance considerations.
- The Future of GPU Computing.

The Speaker is Bhaskar Chaudhury. He is a computational Physicist and a faculty member (Computational Science) at DA-IICT. His primary professional interests include Computational Science and High-Performance Computing. Particular areas of interest are Computational Electromagnetics, Computational Plasma Physics & Parallel Programming Models.

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