Webinar on Developing a Redis Module

Webinar Date: 17/10/2016 Duration: 1:00hr

Hackaerearth concluded the webinar on Developing a Redis Module, to help you learn from the best programmers and domain experts from all over the world. The Webinar was scheduled for 17th of October at 7.30AM PDT.

This webinar presents some of the concepts, tools and steps involved in developing a Redis Module. We'll dedicate the first half of the session to review the following topics; with the second half dedicated to a Q&A session:
* What is Redis and what are modules
* Guidelines for developing a module
* Setting up for your first module

The presenter is Itamar Haber, Chief Developer Advocate at Redis Labs. He is a startup veteran, a database maven and an advocate for users. His varied experience includes software product development and management and leadership roles at Xeround, Etagon, Amicada and M.N.S Ltd. Itamar holds a Master of Business Administration from the joint Kellogg-Recanati program by Northwestern and Tel-Aviv Universities, as well as a Bachelor of Science in computer science.

In case you missed the webinar for some reason, here is a recording of it:

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