Complete Guide to hiring developer using StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a free community where top programmers write quality answers that help other users. The following pie chart shows you the distribution of professionals on StackOverflow.


StackOverflow is the most popular website in the StackExchange Network. Other popular websites in the network include Ask Ubuntu, MathOverflow, PhysicsOverflow, Super User, and Ask Different. Because StackOverflow is popular, StackExchange is often referred to as StackOverflow.

StackExchange Network

StackExchange Network is a network of question-and-answer websites. They have websites covering Technology, Culture, Arts, Science, and Business. Posting and answering questions is the primary purpose of this network. The network is gamified to motivate participation by allowing users to upvote or downvote answers. Based on this system, users can earn “Reputation” points.


Introduction to StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a platform where programmers, students, and professionals post queries and answer questions about programming and showcase their knowledge. It is owned by the StackExchange Network. The answers are upvoted based on its usefulness to the community. Users can also use StackOverflow to advance their careers. It is a community of more than seven million programmers.

The navigation menu has four buttons. Let us look at each.



To look at recent and popular questions, click Questions on the Navigation Menu.

  • “newest” will show the newest questions on the platform. If these are not answered, they are pushed to the “unanswered” tab (section).
  • “featured” will show questions that are trending recently.
  • “frequent” will show questions that have been popular recently.
  • “votes” will show those questions that have garnered the most votes.
  • “active” will show those questions that are still active.
  • “unanswered” helps find questions that are not answered by anyone.

Developer Jobs


This page will show all the active job postings. Developers can look for jobs using the “search jobs” or the “search companies” search box.

To look for profiles to source and hire developers, check Sourcing/Hiring Software Engineers.



Using the right tags while answering questions will help users find answers under that keyword or label.

  • You can browse through “popular” tab (section) to read questions and answers that grew in popularity. Look at the screenshot taken from StackOverflow’s Tags page. You can see Javascript, Java, C#, and PHP are popular tags.
  • The “name” tab shows tags in alphabetical order.
  • To look at questions and answers in a newly created tag, click “new.”


The “Users” tab/section has StackOverflow’s endless list of users. You can look for users based on “reputation” earned,” “new users,” “voters,” “editors,” and “moderators.”

You can also type a username to find users.

StackOverflow Profiles


  1. The box on the right shows the number of answers, number of questions posted, and the number of people who have seen his answers.
  2. Under his profile picture, you can see how many gold, silver, and bronze badges he has earned along with reputation points.
  3. The profile shows the names of communities the user is part of and the top tags he has used.
  4. Below the profile is the list of top posts. Posts that garner the most votes are top posts.

People earn “Reputation” points when people vote on their answers, questions, and edits. StackOverflow badge is a system that awards badges for specific languages and technologies.

Sourcing/Hiring Software Engineers

StackOverflow being a website where users answer or ask questions about programming languages, hiring on StackOverflow should be fairly easy. Let us look at the ways to hire on StackOverflow.

StackOverflow Talent


It has a Careers section where recruiters can source candidates and users can search for jobs. This section has a user base of more than 120,000. According to StackOverflow, there are more than 35,000 developers looking for jobs on this platform actively, while the rest of them are passively looking for opportunities.

  1. Log into and create an account.

In the user dashboard, you can create and post a “Job Listing,” “Search Candidates,” and “Create a Company Page.”

2. To create a profile for your company, click “Create a Company Page.”

Enter the details of your company and click “Next” until progress shows 100%.

  1. Click here to Post a job.
  • Information to be filled include “Job Title,” “Experience Level,” “Job Description,” “Key Technologies,” “Job Location,” and “Compensation.”
  • Enter Company URL, and Company Logo (If company profile is not created earlier).
  • Check “Keep StackOverflow Talent” if you want to manage applications on the platform. Check Email or ATS to manage applications externally.
  • Fill the relevant information and then click Save and Exit to display the job posting.
  1. To look for candidates, click “Search Candidates” to access StackOverflow’s community of developers.
  • In the candidates page, you can “Search” for candidates, browse profiles of “Saved Candidates,” and browse “Recommended” candidates.
  • The “Stats” tab will give you an analysis of how your job postings are performing.
  • Click “Get Started” to search for candidates.

  • Fill the form and click “Continue.”

Your search query will be sent to a StackOverflow representative who will help you with a subscription to StackOverflow Talent and post your candidate search query for developers to see.

Search String

Use the -jobs -inurl:company search string to look for programmers.

To look for programmers in San Francisco, use: c# (san francisco) -jobs -inurl:company

Here are the search results; some sensitive information is blurred.

You earn reputation points when other users vote for your answers. You can also use Google’s X-ray search for candidates using reputation points.

To look for profiles that have “Reputation” points above 1000, use the following search string: “1000.. reputation” C#

The results are as seen in the following image.

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