August 24, 2015
  "The Secret lives of Hackathon junkies" The above link was intentionally put there. This article has been shared by many prominent hackathon goers. Being in the business of hackathons, I had to know what this was about. The article is the experience of a journalist who was a part of a week long hackathon. […]
August 12, 2015
Django started life a decade ago in Lawrence, Kansas, and the Python framework is now widely used in some of the biggest products all over the world like Instagram, Disqus, Pinterest etc. HackerEarth too started its humble beginning with Django framework 3 years ago, and we are proud to say that we have built an […]
August 6, 2015
  Over the last 20 years the word "hacker" has been misconstrued by the media and by those who weren’t a part of that culture. Today, you see the word Hacker used in anything negative. The act of exploiting a technology product’s vulnerability is now called Hacking. Why is this a problem? Well, to answer […]
July 29, 2015
It  is said that "A man is defined by the work he does". If we are to go by this saying, then Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, ex President of India, has left us with a lot of remember him by. Even at the age of 83, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam involved himself in […]
June 29, 2015
The Internet has a plethora of learning resources for anyone who wants to become a better programmer. However, there is no single place where one can find information and practice on the topics required to master the art of competitive programming. This is one of the reasons why many programmers in the pursuit of learning competitive […]
June 11, 2015
The essense of Hackathons lie in the never-ending desire to solve problems, to make things work and get things done, no matter what the obstacles. We got to see this in action at Djangothon. Hackathons are a long-standing tradition where people from all parts of the community come together to work on projects of their […]
May 18, 2015
For those who've been following the HackerEarth platform over the past few months, you might have noticed a neat little product that we recently launched - AMA (ask me anything). It's an online forum where eminent people conduct open discussions with our developer community. We ran a few top-quality AMAs in the past, but we kept […]
May 11, 2015
I believe it is fundamental to have an overview of the history that later formed Computer Science. People know work of individuals such as Dijkstra. But there are so many others who've made valuable contributions to make computers we have today happen. It was a process that started in the early 800s and started to […]
May 8, 2015
It was back in 1982, when researchers at Carnegie Mellon University made a modified cola vending machine, which could report its inventory and also if newly loaded drinks were cold. From this point, right up to 2014, there have been visions, by various scientists and technologists, on communicating devices. It took the maturing of the […]
May 4, 2015
Coming from the background of Competitive Programming and Software Development, I have compiled a list of algorithms and data structures that every programmer should know about. We will see what they do and where they are used with simple examples. This list is prepared to keep in mind their use in competitive programming and current […]