December 18, 2013
I was at a conference, speaking about the pitfalls of working at a startup. It wasn’t easy to do so, as it was a 100 + audience of startup enthusiasts, so saying that I was treading on a minefield, would be putting in lightly. In the audience, was my previous boss. We were working on […]
December 13, 2013
2011 marked the arrival of a design standard for Android apps. Until then, badly designed apps were the hallmark of the fledgeling Android ecosystem. But come Ice Cream Sandwich and the beautiful Galaxy Nexus, Android got a nice makeover. For once Android looked good, and much to the dismay of the “fanbois”, it even looked […]
December 9, 2013
Let’s be honest. Academic degrees are all fine, but that’s just a filter. An employer only cares about only one thing - can the recruit get stuff done? This is pretty much the norm at startups - it is only after a few rounds of trails, on the job that a startup hire is finalized. […]
December 5, 2013
In what seems to have become a never ending discussion, you still see many a tech blog (TC, VB, and so many more) discuss in detail about the merits and demerits of HTML 5 and Native mobile apps. It is difficult to come to a consensus about which is better, especially when you’re faced with […]
December 3, 2013
When services like Codeacademy launched, its implications to the world of computer education was quite immense. There was now, a code editor on the Internet, which allowed you to learn and practice programming, without having to worry about cumbersome installations and system compatibilities. The schools particularly loved it. Installing software on all machines wasn't something […]
November 25, 2013
It is the age of the millennial. Mere monetary benefits are not enough to lure the best candidates. What were once considered dream jobs don’t make the cut anymore, because of a lack of interesting work, a bad work culture, or simply a lack of a brand. Lets admit it; kids today want to work […]
November 20, 2013
I was speaking with a professor at a university, which had an abysmal placement record. It was a touchy topic but I had to know what he thought were the reasons for a lack of placement. However, he seemed pretty unapologetic about it. He said, “It is an academic degree. What makes you think that […]
November 10, 2013
About two years ago, David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of ruby on rails and partner at 37Signals, wrote a really strong worded piece on the merits of remote hiring. According to him, he had no sympathy for companies that complain about lack of developer talent which also have stringent rules against remote working…
November 1, 2013
As cumbersome as it might sound, you can somewhat relate to companies that have numerous rounds of interviews. You want to be absolutely sure about whom you're hiring and it is only through multiple interactions that you will get to know about a candidate’s aptitude and attitude. It’s straightforward really, - you don’t want a […]
October 24, 2013
Segmentation Fault was one of its kind online debugging contest  conducted on HackerEarth on 22nd October 2013. Organized by IIIT ALLAHABAD, it aimed at the grasping power of contestants and test their basics of C/C++/JAVA.Consisting of multiple choice questions covering all the basics of language with 30 questions in the first round and 25 questions in […]