January 8, 2015
The hackathon, from it's humble beginnings in small companies and college common rooms, has meteorically risen to prominence over the last decade. Never before has there been a way to bring a fragmented set of developers to build products in a short period of time. HackerEarth in its continued effort to engage its growing developer community has launched a platform […]
December 12, 2014
India's enigma turns 63 today. But what if he was a computer programmer?
November 29, 2014
Often, it is not the ability that defines the greatness of a person, it is as much the attitude. In fact, people from all facets of life will tell you that attitude is a bigger trump card than ability. You can see this in any sport and most certainly at work. And it is no […]
November 25, 2014
Experience is gold and that is one of the main things that you should show in any kind of interview. Hiring decisions are made much faster if you've had the experience of working in the job position the company is hiring for. Also, if a company is about to embark on something that you've already done, […]
November 7, 2014
Old Indian uncle to newly placed college grad - "I heard you got placed? Where are you working?"  College grad to uncle - "I got placed in Google, uncle. I am very happy!"  Old Indian uncle - "Oh, you didn't get Infosys?"  College grad - *Facepalm* The brand of a company matters a lot, especially […]
November 6, 2014
October on HackerEarth was a blast. We saw a total of 25 challenges conducted using the HackerEarth platform. These included college contests, non-hiring challenges as well as hiring challenges. Glydel, Oyo rooms, SuperProfs and SysCloud hired on HackerEarth. Collectively, the hiring challenges alone attracted 6872 developers from all over India to participate in a completely […]
October 7, 2014
A lot of our users have often asked us why we're not on any mobile platform yet. To be fair, the nature of engagement on HackerEarth is something that is best suited for the desktop environment. Think about it, how many developers code on mobile phones? We questioned that belief and we gave out our […]
September 22, 2014
So the question is Python Vs Ruby. Before we actually make a choice on this, let's just say that there is a lot of talk about this and to an extent you could say that the debate has been laid to rest. However, here in India, apart from the the small fraction of people involved […]
September 15, 2014
The 15th of September is celebrated as Engineer's Day in memory of India's engineering icon M. Visvesvaraya. A highly disciplined engineer, he was known for his sincerity, time management and unsurpassable devotion to a cause. He was a civil engineer and his work involved everything from building roadways, to dams and anti-flood systems. In his […]
August 22, 2014
Mobile apps have well and truly arrived and the demand for mobile application developers is now higher than what it has ever been. India being the software development engine of the dot com era has smoothly transitioned into the mobile world as well and we're seeing some good mobile development companies emerge in the recent […]