Global Hackathon Report

From our analysis of nearly 1000 hackathons conducted across 75 countries in the world during a two-year period from 2015 onward, we bring you this Global Hackathon Report. We discern a clear trend-hackathons are successfully battling talent scarcity, acquisition, and retention as well as fueling innovation across domains and functions.

In this report, we discuss the hackathon format and culture and its exciting possibilities to help people to adapt to the future.  From ideation to execution, we see hackathons are upending traditional business models and rewiring the competitive landscape.


  • Hackathon phenomenon catching on world over
  • Private companies rules the roost
  • Hackathons are not one-off events
  • Women-only hackathons are nowhere near enough
  • Domain and themes hint at new possibilities
  • Universities are keen on encouraging learning than offering cash prize
  • Hackathon the next frontier of innovation

Download the complete Global Hackathon Report here


About the Author

Vivek Siva
Learned what not to do as an entrepreneur. An optimist with a love for business, the outdoors, and movies. Superpower: Ability to smile even when all hell breaks loose. Affiliation: World of witchcraft & wizardry