Game development podcast with Mr.Tejas Shirodkar of Electronic Arts


The gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry from a relatively focused market, and its growing exponentially. This presents a lot of opportunities for programmers looking to build a career in game development. However, there are not many resources for aspiring game developers.

We invited Mr.Tejas Shirodkar, Associate Technical Director at Electronic Arts, to speak about the ever growing game industry.

Here are the excerpts from the podcast -

Game development is a vast and cross-functional domain and what is a logical way of looking at it?

What is the difference between a software developer and a game developer?

Is it important for a game developer to be a gamer as well?

Importance of visual design knowledge for a game developer

Can a console/desktop game developer also develop mobile games? Is it advisable?

How has the mobile paradigm changed the skills a game developer should acquire today?

What to look for when hiring a game developer?

What is the state of game development industry in India?

Advice for budding game developers who want to get started with gaming

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