¡Hola habla hispana!

The time has come when HackerEarth begins to expand into Spanish-speaking countries.

HackerEarth is the fastest growing community of developers and programmers in the world and the time has come to add the "ñ" to our keyboard.

Spanish speaking countries are a hub for programmers and developers of the highest level and that is why we have started this expansion.

For that, we have two ways in which we can meet.

Organize your next hackathon with HackerEarth

If you are a university, college or non-profit organization and you plan to organize a hackathon, you have come to the right place. Write us at cristian @ hackerearth.com to meet us, talk and see if you qualify to use our Sprint platform for free.

We will give the hackathon organizers:

  • Complete and free access to Sprint, our platform to manage hackathons entirely.
  • Marketing and promotion support
  • Gifts for winners
  • Support and advice before and during the event.

So far we have made more than 100 events around the world, with entities such as the CodeRed of the University of Houston, BigRed Hacks of Cornell University, Slash Hacks San Francisco and IndiaHacks , the largest hackathon in India.

It's time to continue with you.

Contact us at cristian@hackerearth.com

Image: http://www.conacytprensa.mx/index.php/tecnologia/tic/2595-la-liga-mexicana-de-hackatones

Become a HackerEarth Ambassador at your University

Are you in college and passionate about programming?

Well we would love to meet you and invite you to be part of our program for Ambassadors of Schools . We are looking for leaders who will form programming clubs in their schools and push the code revolution.

As an ambassador of HackerEarth, you will be the face, voice and evangelizer of our community on your Campus.

What do we have for you?

  • Global exposure to all the events you organize.
  • The pack of gifts and surprises that HackerEarth gives to each ambassador
  • Special gifts after 2 hackathons held on our platform (more information at : http://hck.re/SKIvf4 )
  • Certificate and letters of recommendation once you have completed the program.

Do not hesitate to contact us and continue to change the world through the code. You can also contact us at  ambassadors@hackerearth.com

If you are determined to be HackerEarth's ambassador in your University, we invite you to fill out the following form to begin your application process.

The HackerEarth team

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Cristian Guajardo Garcia
US & European development for HackerEarth.

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