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Guest Post Blogging Guidelines

  • Read our blogs before you send us a post. Know what our blog is about. (No fluff please.)
  • Send us unique content that fits in with the blog theme. Don’t write about topics that have been done to death.
  • Be sure of your writing voice. Let your blog reflect who you are.
  • Let your blog be of a decent length and detailed; we suggest your blog be between 1000 to 1500 words in length (unless you have a particularly awesome article that is longer.)
  • Give credit where it is due. Cite your sources.
  • Ensure your post has at least 5 links. Links in the posts will be retained only if they benefit the readers. We will not entertain link-building posts.
  • Ensure that your post is about gauging readers’ opinions, solving their problems, sharing your ideas, filling their needs, and engaging them.
  • Don’t send posts that are sales driven or very promotional; a post shouldn’t talk to the readers but rather it should be about talking with them.
  • Proofread as many times as you can. Poor or offensive language and logic are unlikely to have a fan following. Use eye anchors.
  • Don’t forget that consistency is key, be it formatting or style.
  • Remember to include a call to action.


  • We reserve the right to edit or adapt the post to meet our quality standards.
  • We evaluate guest posts also based on its authors, who preferably have a portfolio of awesome content.
  • We fully own all content on the blog.

How to email your guest post to us:

  • The completed post must be a Word doc or an HTML file.
  • Images should be sent in another folder, and with the following specifications:
    • Dimension: 1204 x 788
    • Size: Under 100 kb
  • Include an author bio with not more than one anchor link to his or her website.
  • Send your posts to

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