December 19, 2013
Without being a sexist, if I were to ask you the number of intelligent women programmers that you know of, how many do you think that would be. Of course you can argue that more men work at IT companies, so the number will be obviously low. You can also argue that more man get […]
December 9, 2013
Let’s be honest. Academic degrees are all fine, but that’s just a filter. An employer only cares about only one thing - can the recruit get stuff done? This is pretty much the norm at startups - it is only after a few rounds of trails, on the job that a startup hire is finalized. […]
December 3, 2013
When services like Codeacademy launched, its implications to the world of computer education was quite immense. There was now, a code editor on the Internet, which allowed you to learn and practice programming, without having to worry about cumbersome installations and system compatibilities. The schools particularly loved it. Installing software on all machines wasn't something […]