March 28, 2017
Hackathons have become the go-to method for developers and companies to innovate in tech and build great products in a short span of time. With tens of thousands of developers participating in hackathons across the globe every month, it’s a great way to collaborate and work on solving real-life issues using tech. “Along with being […]
February 3, 2017
In every Hackathon, we witness people working around the clock to develop on an idea that's unprecedented in all respects. Hackmotion, an app developed during the Hackathon conducted by WACHacks in association with HackerEarth, is a breathtaking manifestation of the same. Read on to know more about this app. What is Hackmotion? Hackmotion is an […]
November 15, 2016
At  HackerEarth, we regularly host hackathons and frequently discover awesome hacks that can be game-changers across industries. Presenting Project H—one of the best hacks from the Digital India Hackathon conducted by ACM, India in association with HackerEarth. Read on to learn more about this real-life VR application. What is Project H? Aimed at solving problems […]