HackerEarth Sprint: Comprehensive hackathon-management tool from HackerEarth

The hackathon, from it's humble beginnings in small companies and college common rooms, has meteorically risen to prominence over the last decade. Never before has there been a way to bring a fragmented set of developers to build products in a short period of time.

HackerEarth in its continued effort to engage its growing developer community has launched a platform to manage and conduct hackathons online in a scalable manner. This platform can be used to conduct a variety of hackathons and enable the global community of developers to participate in hackathons based on their areas of interests.

HackerEarth Sprint is a first-of-its-kind hackathon-management platform that is designed for conducting hackathons with minimum effort and time. The product is designed to automate most aspects of such sprints, such as:

  • Teams: Participants can create teams
  • Collaboration: Provides an online collaborative development environment
  • Showcase submissions: Allows participants to showcase their products/submissions
  • Track progress: Enables admins to track the progress of each team
  • Peer review: Facilitates peer review between teams
  • Voting: Allows the general public to vote for submissions
  • Easy evaluation: Provides an interface to the judges to evaluate submissions and see a demo online
  • Leaderboard: Creates a leaderboard for all the submissions that is updated in real-time and can be viewed by anyone
  • Integration for easy hosting: Can be integrated with platforms like  Github, Heroku, AWS etc. providing developers, tools for easy code hosting and deployment

Sprint also provides a larger value proposition to organizers by enabling them to reach out to our rapidly growing global community of developers. Most importantly the platform makes hackathons more scalable as they can be conducted online enabling participation from anywhere in the world.

Ravi Gururaj, Chairman, NASSCOM Product & Executive Council, said, “Hackathons are now a critical element of all technology companies to enable community outreach, talent recruiting, ideation and internal team development exercises, and platform/API evangelization.

The best hackmasters run great events by employing a range of robust web tools, manage the process with agility and flexibility, communicating with participants in real-time with rich information feeds, hot wiring everyone up to social media, delivering frictionless devops, ensuring high levels of fun, engagement, and participation. HackerEarth's new offering captures all of these key ingredients in a simple yet powerful cloud-based platform, which ensures that all hackmasters can deliver world class hackathons experiences.”

In the past, we have conducted many internal Hackathons for Wipro. In his experience with us, G S Nathan, GM - Open Innovation, CTO Office, Wipro Ltd, said, “We partnered with HackerEarth to conduct an internal coding event at Wipro, earlier this year. Titled Wipro Code Storm, the week-long initiative saw participating Wipro employees navigate their way through eight diverse challenges, each set at different levels of complexity. 4000 employees from across 22 countries participated in the event.

HackerEarth provides a very useful solution, which makes the task of conducting such codeathons very simple and allows us to scale it across thousands of users.”

Various hackathons (across different domains) have been conducted using Sprint. You can view the list of upcoming hackathons here.

If you would like to conduct your own Hackathon, write to us contact@hackerearth.com.

About the Author

Raghu Mohan
Raghu is an engineering grad handles Marketing at HackerEarth. Prior to this, he was an editor at YourStory.com. When he’s not working, you can find him at the nearest music shop having a jam session.