[Google Hangout] What does it take to be an Android developer today?

Remember back in 2009, when the first Android mobile phones came out without the Bluetooth feature? Well, a lot has changed since then. Today, there are over a billion Android devices in the market. Android has also provided a vibrant ecosystem to application developers. As of 2013, the Android Play Store has over a million applications which have been downloaded over 50 billion times!

Android is now making its way to other devices too. Forget smart watches even cars, refrigerators, and washing machines are running the operating system today. Surely, being an Android developer has drastically changed from what it used to be 5 years ago.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to our Google Hangout on being an Android developer today. We've assembled some of the best names in the Android ecosystem to chronicle how the Android ecosystem has evolved.

This panel of experts includes:

  1. Sriram V Iyer: He claims that he's not an Android expert, but you can be the judge of that. He's a master programmer who has worked on too many things to keep track of. You can read about him here.
  2. Pranay Airan: An early Android developer who currently practices his trade at Intuit. He's the co-organizer of one of the biggest Android meetup groups in the world. He's also incredibly funny. Read more about him here.
  3. Aman Alam: Aman is probably one of the most sought after Android developers in Bangalore. Another early bird in the Android band wagon, he is currently working on his own venture.
  4. Ravi Vyas: Ravi is a talented engineer who turned over to the dark side (read management). Having worked with the monetization part of Android at Vserv, his current role has taken him to the field of mobile marketing, at MoEngage.
  5. Soham Mondal: Soham another Android old timers, who's current building Skyro, a really good audio recorder, which has over a 100,000 downloads on the play store. He has also worked on many high profile android projects. Read about him here.
  6. Abhimanyu Dikshit: Abhimanyu is the co-founder and tech lead of BetaGlide, which is a tool that helps you analyse the battery consumption of your mobile apps. He will bring pertinent views on how bad mobile programming practices will eat up your battery.
  7. Kiran Bindhu Hemraj: Kiran is one from the elite team of Android developers, Dexetra. His code is in the apps that have been downloaded close to 10 million times and he will tell us a thing or two about scale.

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