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It all starts by trying to solve a day to day solution. But as time moves on, the solution becomes the problem. Not because it isn't doing it's job; because it opens newer problems. And newer problems mean newer solutions. And as you're playing this game of problems and solutions, you're created a company that imparts a lot of value to the society.

Commonfloor's story has somewhat been the same. With the singular aim of wanting to make getting information about real estate easier, the company has scaled from a mere idea to a 700+ member organization that serves thousands of home seekers every day. Of the few companies that are disrupting the real estate market, Commonfloor greatly leverages technology in making home searching easy.

They are looking to hire backend developers through a hiring challenge that will be held tomorrow between 2 PM and 6 PM. But before you take this challenge, read our interaction with the folks at Commonfloor, on what it is like, being an engineer at Commonfloor -

Tell us a little about your company. What is the problem you're trying to solve?

At CommonFloor we are driven to build the universe of information for Real Estate, where choices around finding, living and managing property are fair, fast and gratifying.

From a technology standpoint, what is the most exciting thing about working at commonfloor?

Building for scale, working on the next gen core platform, stupendously smart colleagues.

Describe the engineering culture of your company. What is it that really excites you about a candidate?

Our culture rewards -

  • an attitude of mastery,
  • taking ownership,
  • taking initiatives,
  • being honest, candid and transparent,
  • earning peer respect
  • lead by example.

Apart for this you should be a fun person to hang-out with!

What is the most challenging aspect of working at commonfloor?

Large data sets, large number of sub-systems inter-operating, complex business logic and end-to-end ownership

What is the average day of an engineer at commonfloor?

Coffee - Standups - programming - intense programming - lunch - syncup/tech-discussion - programming - coffee - programming - intense programming - break.

What do you do for fun at commonfloor? Or is it all work and no play? 😉

We celebrate achievements, birthdays, farewells. From workspace decoration on festivals to secret santa - we have it all. And, we are open for ideas to make CommonFloor a great place to work, learn and grow.

How long does it take for a new recruit to fit into the commonfloor team? How big is the India team as of now?

Lunch with a team makes a new recruit feel at home & jells with the culture instantly. Product Engineering team works out of Bangalore & is under 50 people now.

In one sentence, why is working at commonfloor going to be the most awesome thing an Android developer can do today?

General: Work with extremely driven, extremely capable and extremely smart colleagues.
Android: We are going to set an example for the world on how mobile innovations can revolutionize the business of Real Estate. So, join our mobile team and make history!

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