HackerEarth Recruit: An assessment-first approach to technical hiring

When we started with HackerEarth about 9 months back, we knew we were going after a tough problem. Even though there are tons of recruiting solutions in the market today, the question of how a recruiter can gauge the abilities of a programmer, continues to remain a vexing problem.


Having worked with multiple clients over the past year, we have seen how frustrating the process can be, even more so, if you are a non-technical recruiter.


Resumes are not enough for first-level filtering

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In a typical hiring process, even for a single job position, your inbox is flooded with hundreds of resumes. Then follows the daunting task of scanning each of these resumes and filtering based on the skill-set required.
  • Many programmers might have excellent programming skills, but their resumes might not reflect the same. Hence, resumes being the only criteria for filtering, may result in some good candidates being missed out.
  • Resumes are also not a validated source of one’s skill-set, as you can never be sure about the working proficiency the candidates actually have in the skills mentioned in their resume.
Resume filtering is typically followed by a screening round, mostly in the form of a telephonic interview. In majority of the cases, the interviewer knows that it’s a reject in the first 10 minutes, but he still has to drag along for next 30 mins.

The changing hiring trend

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A hiring trend which has come up in the recent times is the focus on niche skill hiring. Today, not only is the recruiter looking for Java/Python developers, but also big data analysts, mobile app developers, cloud architects and data scientists. This has further compounded the problem as now the recruiters know very little about the role they are hiring for.


Hire better with HackerEarth Recruit


With a background of these deficiencies in the filtering process, we have come up with HackerEarth Recruit, a hiring tool that takes an assessment-first approach to technical hiring. It lets you objectively and automatically test for a candidate’s skills.


  • Automatically create tests based on the job role you hiring for
    These tests are generated from our well curated library of questions, specially designed to test technical candidates.
  • Remotely conduct the test sitting in the comfort of your office
    The test environment has built-in proctoring measures that records any unfair activity.
  • Filter the best candidates using the exhaustive reports/analytics
  • HackerEarth Recruit lets you see real-time reports and manage all the candidate data from one place, without shuffling through multiple excels.


With HackerEarth Recruit, now you have a reliable and tested measure of each candidate’s coding proficiency before they go in for the interview process.
Project Managers, Technical Leads/CTOs, HR Managers, Recruiting agencies are currently using our platform to conduct campus placement drives & manage their lateral hiring process.


Try out the producthere or read ourFAQs page for more.



Sachin Gupta

I am the co-founder and CEO of HackerEarth, I mostly do Business development for HackerEarth but I started my career as a programmer. I also have a passion for writing.