Introducing HackerEarth Notes – The best tech content


In the last two years, HackerEarth has grown into a thriving community of developers. The thought of thousands of developers learning to code, solving programming problems, participating in challenges and getting jobs on HackerEarth never ceases to amaze us. All these products were built to aid an ecosystem of programmers and we’re over the moon about the fact that all our products are being put to good use by the community.

On the same lines, we’re really happy to introduce our newest product – HackerEarth Notes. It’s a platform for you to write and read the best technical content on the internet. It’s modelled after a bulletin board, where you can browse content either by most trending or most new. Content can be upvoted and shared.  The top technologists in India and the world have been given write exclusive access to the product and in the next month, you’ll see some compelling tech content on HackerEarth Notes.

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Freedom Hardware meetup @ HackerEarth


Bangalore is the software capital of India, but the love for the platform that runs all this code, is often neglected. We’re about to change that. We’re bringing back the geeks of the 80s, with a meetup on the Free Hardware Movement! This is the first edition. The details are as follows -

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November Programming Challenges in recap


November was a busy month at HackerEarth. A whopping 23 challenges were conducted on HackerEarth. This is including all the regular challenges on HackerEarth, hiring challenges and college challenges. We saw some stellar performances from programmers from all over the world. We also ran our first overseas challenge – the Vietnam Programming Challenge, which saw great response too. Here’s a brief breakdown of all the programming challenges in November on HackerEarth -

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How to be a good front end developer?


Often, it is not the ability that defines the greatness of a person, it is as much the attitude. In fact, people from all facets of life will tell you that attitude is a bigger trump card than ability. You can see this in any sport and most certainly at work. And it is no different when it comes to being a front end developer.

A front end developer is someone who is responsible for the development of those elements of a website that the customer sees and interacts with directly. It is a combination of programming skills and aesthetics. Acquiring the skills to be a good front end developer is fairly straightforward. It’s about learning the right programming skills, and developing a design sensibility.

But, what after that? Does everyone with programming skills and design sensibility become a good front developer? Not really.

It is the attitude that matters. Front end developer, Zach Leatherman, has written a beautiful guide of principles that define a good front end developer. There are 16 principles that every front end developer should live by. They are as follows -

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Why are there not enough women coders – is perfectionism the culprit?


This is a hypothesis and some of the quotes, from women coders and psychologists, in this article are in agreement to the headline. 

Perfectionism is an endearing trait. Everyone strives for it and if you do it long enough, you might achieve it too. It is the holy grail of any trade.

In programming, every coder likes to write perfect and precise lines of code, so as to make a great product. However, is perfectionism a good thing?

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Hello Brasil – The HackerEarth Brasil National Programming Challenge



Last week, we successfully concluded the Vietnam Programming Challenge. The response we recieved was great and there are many more exciting things planned for Vietnam on HackerEarth in the near future. But what really excited us was the communities from other parts of the world that reached out to us. They’re really helping bring HackerEarth programming challenges to vibrant programming communities from all over the worlds. And next, we’re going to Brasil.

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How recruiters tell you’re lying about your work experience


Experience is gold and that is one of the main things that you should show in any kind of interview. Hiring decisions are made much faster, if you’ve had the experience of working in the job position the company is hiring for. Also, if a company is about to embark on something that you’ve already done, you’re already a valuable asset.

Lying at interview isn’t uncommon. And the best kind of lies are half truths. It’s really effective, as you sound as if you know what you’re talking about. Many candidates are guilty of this.

Of course, with bigger companies, there are checks and balances and background checks, where you can immediately call their bluff. But for smaller companies, where the budget is not available, unworthy candidates can slip through the cracks, costing the company a lot in the long run.

But, there’s a way to stop that too.

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Thank you Vietnam


Last Saturday, we ran HackerEarth’s first offshore challenge. Given our close association with Vietnam, we chose this as our first country in a line of upcoming offshore challenges. And we were not disappointed.

If you were to take pure numbers, this challenge was right up there with any of the other challenges that we run on HackerEarth. 1003 developers participated and over 450 developers got at least one problem right. The fight for the top spot was tight, with as many as 18 developers getting over 400/500. However, only one developer, from the beautiful city of Hanoi, got all problems right. Clocking in at 07:43:42, Lang Trung Hieu, is the winner of the Vietnam Programming Challenge.

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