Connected car revolution in automotive industry

Ever since the invention of the wheel, the evolution of movement and commutation has been constant and mindboggling. It has evolved from animals or humans pulling a set of wheels, to pedaling, to motor operated structures that run on wheels. As we have transitioned, we have let technology affect our movement immensely. From the first car to the complex luxury vehicles of today, the automotive industry has been one of the most dynamic ones.

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How To Be A Great Developer



This article is a repost of a wonderful article that I just came across on .It is a great piece of advice for developers, the points are evident to all but still we somehow manage to look past them. Have a look, they are worth considering.

  • Empathy is your most important skill. Practice it with everyone you interact with, and everyone who interacts with your work.
  • Humility goes hand in hand with empathy. Be open to the possibility (likelihood, even) that you are wrong. Know that you will always be learning and improving. Accept and own up to mistakes immediately.

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Top women programmers in history

She is pious, she is a prayer
She can be delicate still be strong,
She is power, she is mother,
She is the strength, she is the core
Above all this, she is a lot more.

She is a woman, she is an energy, but is she a programmer? Can she embrace technology just as she can do everything else just perfectly? We often come across such questions that come up either in our own minds or of those around us. It’s a common notion that technology is a field dominated by the men but the fact is that technology or programming has nothing to do with a beard and moustache, it is as much a woman’s capability as a man’s.

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NASSCOM launches TechNgage to celebrate Technology and Technologists


Bright minds exist everywhere and technological expertise is an abundance, what usually falls short is the correct recognition, strengthening and harnessing of these skills. The NASSCOM IT service council has thus taken up an initiative to enhance technology skills by providing a platform to showcase them. They are inviting and rewarding highly skilled people in the technological domain for their efforts and expertise. The initiative called TechNgage is aimed at encouraging Indian technologists to become world class techies and stands by the objective statement of ‘Celebrating technology and technologists’.

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Hiring at HackerEarth – February 2016

Since the inception of HackerEarth, our endeavour has been to get the right people join the right jobs. With so much emphasis on pedigree in our current job market, we understand the need of a helping hand who will understand that skills matter more than the source of education and we strive to cater to that need. February 2016 was a great month in terms of hiring at HackerEarth.

Below is the infographic that statistically represents our efforts and success:




Tips for recruiters to avoid drop offs in recruitment


The growth of a company is directly impacted by the talent it hires. As top talent is highly coveted and most sought after, it is likely to face stiff competition in hiring them. Recruitment is a long process and requires a considerable amount of effort and resources. The average length of the recruitment process varies across different geographies, but it generally ranges from 18 to 35 days.

According to industry trends, if 1000 people participate in a recruitment process, only 100 will be shortlisted and only about 10 will stand a chance to secure an offer. After going through such an exhaustive process, it could be very disheartening to encounter drop offs. A survey by Recruiting Unblog states that drop off rate is as high as 42%.

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Machine Learning through Open Source: Podcast with Mr. Prajod S Vettiyattil, Enterprise Architect, Wipro



I just saw that beautiful dress that I was ogling at yesterday. And guess what, I saw it on a technical blog I was reading. How does the blog know my preference? Well, the answer is machine learning. The ability of a computer or a device to detect patterns and behave accordingly without being explicitly programmed to do so is machine learning. This term has literally taken the market by storm recently and its applications are vast, interesting and worth exploring.

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Steve Jobs was Stubborn

Steve Jobs quote

Apple! What comes to your mind when you hear this? The red fruit that keeps the doctor at bay or the high-end phones and mac computers that make everyone drool? Both I believe, but the latter is definitely the stuff of our dreams. Who knew that a company which started in a garage will become the tech giant of the world someday. There was definitely a lot of sweat that went behind it, a lot of commitment that took it where it is today.

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IoT podcast with Mr. Srinivas Muktevi from Honeywell

IMG_20160205_154944 (1)

The buzz about Internet of things is gaining attention each day and the ones talking about it claim that it’s potential is not limited to how we live but also affects how we execute day to day tasks at our workplace.
Despite IoT being the talk of the town, there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly it is and how it impacts us and our work lives.

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Hack. Summit – Hack for good


We often hear about or come across non-commercial organizations that work for the good of the coding community without a monetary objective. The real objectives vary across organizations i.e imparting coding skills, development of free software etc. These organizations are commonly referred to as coding nonprofits and are dedicated to a specific cause.

The coding nonprofits have a good intention and usually do a great job but they do need funds to sustain or to carry out further operations. While they raise funds through their efforts, there are times their efforts are hindered due to lack of funds. Hack Summit is coming up with an event that aims to raise money for a coalition of coding nonprofits and hence help them sustain their efforts and also reward them for their selfless objectives.

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