TRAI’s verdict on Net Neutrality


The telecom service provider just sent out a notification that one can use their services only to call friends and family in Delhi and not in other parts of the country. How does that sound? Partial? Well, don’t worry it isn’t true. Why should the service provider decide who should I call from my phone?

The internet works on a similar principle and the principle advocates for an open internet. One must be able to communicate freely across the internet. This principle is referred to as net neutrality. For the net to be neutral, ISPs and the government must treat all data on internet equal and not charge differentially based on user, content, website, app etc.

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An insight into Artificial Intelligence with Anand Chandrasekaran

It might be confusing for some, but AI refers to all things that exhibit some sort of intelligence. From your phone’s calculators to supercomputers to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is everywhere even if you don’t realize it.

And, the applications of AI and its uses are only going to increase in the time to come. This makes up for exciting times for all those interested in building intelligent machines.

We have recently launched an online guide to getting started with artificial intelligence for beginners. However, to cover some of the advanced topics, we invited Anand Chandrasekaran, CTO, MadStreetDen, for a podcast to discuss and answer popular questions on AI and its applications.

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7 things to do to hire better


Are you a recruiter? Are you pressurized with the task of filling up the vacant positions?

Would you fill up a doctor position with an electrician owing to the pressure of hiring quickly?

More often than not, the requirements are urgent and managers are desperate to find a fit for a job position. Also, new employees need to be hired urgently because teams are overburdened with work. It must, however, be remembered that pressure must not cause hasty decisions, for it is rightly said that haste makes waste.

We all understand that requirement of personnel is urgent as employees are directly responsible for the growth of the company. But what we fail to understand is ‘Hiring decisions are critical’. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, a wrong hiring decision costs somewhere between $25000 – $50000. The survey also reveals that apart from monetary loss, losses are incurred in terms of employee productivity, time and expenditure taken for recruitment and training, employee morale and client relationships.
The survey states that companies hire bad employees because 38% of them need to hire urgently, 21% don’t research the candidate skills well, 11% fail to perform proper background and reference checks and for the remaining, it simply doesn’t work out.

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Game development podcast with Mr.Tejas Shirodkar of Electronic Arts

The gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry from a relatively focused market, and its growing exponentially. This presents a lot of opportunities for programmers looking to build a career in game development. However, there are not many resources for aspiring game developers.

We invited Mr.Tejas Shirodkar, Associate Technical Director at Electronic Arts, to speak about the ever growing game industry.

Here are the excerpts from the podcast –

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Travel and Transportation podcast with Mr.Monish Matthias and Mr.Srinivasan Manickam of Sabre


Devices, applications and data; and the combination of the three can offer infinite possibilities in the field of travel technology, said Monish Matthias, Director, Software Development, Travel Network Product Development, Sabre and Srinivasan Manickam, Director, Software Development, Hospitality Solutions Product Development, Sabre. In a recent podcast with HackerEarth, the two industry veterans shared their views on how technology has transformed the way millions of people travel every day – from the first global distribution system that was built by Sabre in 1960 to the first Google Glass Flight Search application experiment by the company, how system interactions are changing our experiences and how virtual reality, augmented reality, biometric and voice recognition are all set to become reality.

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IOT Podcast with Mr. Satagopan Madhavan, CTO Altimetrik


Environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, healthcare systems, home automation systems, large scale deployments, how do all of these work? They are sophisticated technical tasks that require intelligent systems.However, is it possible to perform these complex tasks using a single computer? Even if multiple devices are used, it is not feasible for them to work independently towards a common goal. A network is thus required so all these devices can be connected to each other.

 The Internet of Things (IoT) is a networked structure that allows objects, computers, entities in the network to collect and exchange data without human interaction. This exchange is possible because the entities in the physical network are embedded with electronics, software, sensors that allow them to be sensed and controlled remotely.

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How to make a job offer that employees cannot refuse


Recruiting industry has changed significantly over the last 1 decade. We have entered into an era wherein loyalty to one company for life, has been replaced by a thirst for newer roles and opportunities. Both monetary and professional growth is fast sought and each opportunity is a stepping stone to the next. An average employee in a full-time role spends about 35-40 hours per week at their workplace, hence, they are on a constant hunt for newer opportunities that are lucrative both in terms of money and learning.

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Happy Birthday Douglas C. Engelbart

Douglas C Engelbart and the first computer mouse

Douglas C Engelbart and the first computer mouse

Have you ever seen a wooden shell with a circuit board and 2 metal wheels? Maybe not, but if we ask someone from the 60s they may know that this is what the first computer mouse looked like. Today we cannot imagine our lives without a mouse; even the advent of touchpad powered computers and other input devices like joysticks, light pens has not been able to undermine the utility of a good old mouse. I can’t even imagine working for an hour without it.

This gentleman called Douglas C. Engelbart invented computer mouse and today is remembered for his contributions to computers and the internet. As we celebrate his birthday today, we’d like to thank him for making our lives unbelievably simple. He is remembered as the father of the field of human-computer interactions, who apart from the mouse also developed hypertext, the concept of networked computers and precursors to GUIs.

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What successful game developers do differently


What is the best thing that you remember about your childhood? Candy floss, the bicycle, colony park or Pinball, Dave and Mario. Over the past decades, childhood pleasures have evolved from candies to simple games to the complex ones that we play today; the game audience has also evolved from just kids to adults. I remember playing Snakes and Ladders with my grandmother as a kid, but something tells me that my kids would play multiplayer video games with their grandparents.

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